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Porcelain Dolls

A doll is a replica of a human being. It is an object that represents humans, often babies or children, which are usually used as playthings, displays, decorations, accessories or paraphernalia for rituals such as religious ceremonies. Dolls are often made of different materials such as wood, fur, rubber, plastics, cloth, rag, lead or porcelain.

The term "porcelain" may either refer to a ceramic made from fired and glazed clay, or any object made from this material. Because of its strength, translucence, hard glaze, and low absorption, it is generally considered as an ideal material for various objects, including dolls.

In the prehistoric times, dolls were usually made of natural raw materials such as wood, fur, and twigs. These dolls were believed to have served purposes in religious ceremonies, aside from their use as children's toys. It was only in around 1770 that porcelain was first used for dolls. Porcelain doll heads were sold separately to be attached to wooden doll bodies upon purchase.

Shopping for porcelain dolls

Lighter and cheaper porcelain dolls are often used as playthings. Heavier and more expensive ones are used as displays. These porcelain dolls often end up in antique shops and collectors' houses or shops. They come in fancy clothes and accessories which may either be actual clothes or painted on. Porcelain dolls came in glazed (china) and unglazed (bisque) varieties.

Prices of porcelain dolls usually depend on -the quality of the ceramic used, the material, style and rarity of their clothing, the age of the doll, the doll's rarity, and other factors. If you want to buy, sell, or trade porcelain dolls, browsing the Internet will do you a great deal of help. There are lots of postings of available porcelain dolls on the Internet for collectors, traders and buyers of porcelain dolls.

Caring for porcelain dolls

Porcelain dolls are quite delicate compared to wooden types or those made of plastics. Here's what you can do for your porcelain dolls:

Clean your porcelain dolls very gently and carefully with water and very soft cloth or cotton. Be careful not to rub off the porcelain dolls' finishing. If your porcelain dolls are just dusty, simply wipe them clean with dry cloth or cotton. Do not use harsh cleaners or detergents on your porcelain dolls, and do not clean your porcelain dolls too often.